You Are NOT Alone, Despite How You Feel

If you’re caring for your parent(s), you may sometimes feel as though the walls are closing in. You begin to feel alone, thinking that no one truly understands. The fact is, you aren’t alone. Not only are many others going through the exact same scenario, you may sometimes forget about the supportive world around you.

Caring for aging parents can be tough, but it doesn’t mean that you need to feel alone. We take care of our aging parents because we love them. It’s not necessarily that you feel alone around your parents, it’s the feelings associated with caregiving that can create isolation.

Ways to Combat Loneliness Associated With Caregiving

Yes, you may feel alone, but this could not be further from the truth. Focus on some of the other aspects in your life, and you will see that you have the support you need.

Focus on Parenting Your Own Children

Family is everything, so do not let your life at home get lost to feelings of loneliness. If you have children, focus your attention on them as well. You may already feel overwhelmed with caring for your parent(s), but you should realize that you have an incredible support system at home.

Children are very perceptive. If you have younger children, they pick up on your troubles. If you come home and you’re down, this is reflected onto your children. Instead, come home and play an interactive game. Ask them about their day and make dinner together. If your parent(s) live with you, your children could even help out with smaller tasks.

If your children are older, they could provide you with all kinds of support. Not only could they help care for your parent(s) sometimes, but they can provide you with a great emotional support system. They will be at the age where they understand what is going on.

They will see how the situation has affected you. Sometimes that acknowledgement means the world. They acknowledge everything that you do and then they tell you that everything will be alright. Sometimes, that is exactly what you need to hear.

Choose Strong Friendships

Having good friends can be life-saving. However, you need to be there for your friends in return. Make use of the beautiful people in your life. Strong friendships allow you to reflect on your feelings, without feeling judged. It can be so beneficial to vent, but it’s only effective if you have someone there to listen.

Once you release feelings of frustration, fear, and sadness, you’d be surprised how much better you can feel. All of those feelings have been carried around with you, ready to burst. Once you speak to a good friend, you can vent and begin to feel more positively.

An outside perspective will sometimes see things you do not. Perhaps they will see a more practical and beneficial solution. If nothing else, they’ll be there to listen. A good friends is someone that is there no matter what, even if they know you’ll probably complain and maybe even rage. They help you get these feelings out so that you can deal with them.

Join a Support Group

Not only will there be local support groups, but the Internet has brought millions of people together. There are support groups for every ailment and issue possible. As mentioned, there are many other people experiencing your exact scenario.

Start looking into support groups that may benefit you. It’s a good idea to focus on groups that are in and around your area, that way you can utilize any resources that others have been using.

Just remember, you’re not alone. Caregiving can be hard, but you do not need to do it alone. Take advantage of the loving, supportive people around you. Talking about your feelings and frustrations is highly therapeutic and beneficial. You can then begin to make positive changes for everyone involved.


photo credit: Clipp2nd via photopin cc

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