Why More and More Parents Are Moving Into Retirement Homes

By Matt Del Vecchio, Founder and President of Lianas Services Retirement Home Search and Transition Support; a host of “Life Unrehearsed”, a weekly radio show discussing the challenges and rewards of the Sandwich Generation.

“I wish I would have made the move a couple of years ago” is a very common comment we get from residents that have recently moved into a senior community.  The benefits of retirement homes and senior communities can sometimes be overlooked. Understandably, many seniors wish to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible; however, at a certain point, moving into a retirement home may become the necessary next step to ensuring a happy and healthy lifestyle. Living in a retirement home can provide many benefits to residents and their loved ones.

Atmosphere and Environment

The atmosphere and environment of retirement homes allow residents to flourish and live their lives to their full potential.  These residences allow seniors to maintain the independent lifestyle they are used to living. Furthermore, the quiet atmosphere and lack of loud teenagers and families with small children surrounding the residents, they are able to thrive in a peaceful and eloquent living environment.

Healthy Living and Proper Care

Retirement homes emphasize healthy living and ensure that living a healthy lifestyle becomes a routine aspect in the resident’s daily lives.  Calendars full of daily activities are the norm.  Residents are provided with healthy meals and are encouraged to partake in physical activities to help them stay in shape. Do you require additional care?  Many senior communities offer additional levels of care if required including: med management; assistance with bathing, dressing and hygiene; laundry, housekeeping and much more.  Most communities have nursing stations and regular visits by doctors to ensure the health and well-being of all their residents.

Social Benefits

One of the most beneficial aspects of living in a retirement home is the social connections that they provide for residents. Due to the structure and organization of retirement homes, it becomes effortless to make new friends. Retirement homes provide residents with opportunities to meet people of a similar age group and background through a variety of activities and social events.  Many will have movie nights, bingo, bridge, art classes, music, yoga and much more.  Through regular socialization and interaction with other residents, they quickly find themselves integrated into a loving family that values mutual acceptance and friendly encouragement. Retirement homes create a sense of belonging for all residents and the opportunities to make new friends at a retirement home are endless.

Ending the Burden of Home Ownership

Homeownership comes with a variety of chores, such as interior and exterior maintenance, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, gardening, cleaning the bathrooms, and mopping the floors.  A move into a retirement home means more free time for the resident to do the things that they love.  In addition, many residents choose meal plans, housekeeping and laundry services to provide further assistance in the day-to-day tasks usually required with home ownership.

Cost Savings

The cost of living in a retirement home may be perceived as expensive.  It is important to provide a true picture when calculating your budget.  Many expenses may be reduced or completely eliminated when living in a retirement home.  This may include: mortgage, property taxes, school taxes, municipal taxes, utilities, lawn maintenance, home maintenance, cable, telephone, internet, food costs, entertainment and restaurants, auto and transportation, home insurance, car insurance, home security systems, gym membership and housekeeping.  In addition to cost savings, many residents benefit from the reduced stress of home ownership.

Security and Safety

Finally, retirement homes ensure security and safety. The safety of their parents is often what worries adult children the most about allowing them to remain at home, thus the guaranteed safe environment that retirement homes ensure is of upmost important to the adult children. Retirement homes offer independent living and assisted livin in an attractive, safe environment, giving peace of mind to residents and their loved ones.

The benefits of retirement homes are plentiful.  Talk to family or friends that may have a loved one already experiencing the benefits of a retirement home.  You may also consider talking to a senior transition specialist such as Lianas Services to help support and guide you through the entire transition process

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