What to do with your elderly parent’s car when they are no longer able to drive or pass away!!!

It’s an unfortunate but inevitable time in an adult child’s life when one of their parent’s or both are in the position to hang up the car keys, are ill, need to be moved to a retirement home or long term care facility or ultimately pass away.

I know all too well from experience when my father passed away several years ago, as the only child in Toronto, I had a long list of things to deal with and take care of with regards to his estate.  Of course to add to this list is the emotional rollercoaster that we go through watching a parent’s demise, sometimes slow, sometimes quick and then their passing. No matter how old that parent is, it’s always too early.

On my to-do list were things like:

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Financial arrangements
  • Legal issues such as Will and Estate
  • Dealing with family squabbles
  • Finding the right agent and putting a home on the market to sell (sometimes more than one home like a cottage or home down south)
  • Selling and/or Disposing of his/her personal items
  • Selling and/or Disposing of his/her furniture and art
  • Selling and/or disposing of his/her car

When a parent is no longer able to drive or live in their home and they move into a retirement home or long term care home, many of the above issues are dealt with, including the difficulty surrounding the emotional loss of one’s independence.

Given that there are many emotional attachments to a family home, belongings in that home, finances, a car doesn’t have quite that emotional attachment and ends up being a cumbersome problem that needs to be dealt with and solved easily. Getting an extra buck in these times is not a priority, disposing of the car in an efficient and eco-friendly manner is. Car donation for charity is just that. It’s fast and easy and philanthropic. It’s a feel good way of ticking off that one other item on the to-do list whilst doing something good for charity. To review Cars 4 Cures charity partners click here. Every car donation makes a significant difference to each and every partner charity.

If only I knew that car donation for charity was available to me then. This is a problem I would have welcomed to be solved for me easily and quickly. Instead, I drove my father’s Buick into a neighbourhood mechanic shop (whom I didn’t even know) and left it there with the keys and told them it was theirs to do whatever they wanted with.  In the midst of all the other things I needed to deal with at that time, I was not about to add to my stress by putting an ad in Autotrader or Kijiji or any type of ad whether online or elsewhere. Trying to sell a vehicle is time-consuming. You must:

  1. Purchase a Vehicle Information Package See https://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/dandv/vehicle/used.shtml
  2. Get the car e-tested
  3. Clean out the car of everything and have it detailed (this can be costly)
  4. Take photos of the car and place the ad (often paying for it)
  5. Field many phone calls and play telephone tag to reach someone
  6. Set up times for people to come see it. (Good luck coordinating schedules and dealing with no shows)
  7. Go out on a test drive with a complete stranger (not something I was comfortable and interested in doing).

So , I gave the car away to a stranger.

Car donation for charity would have been the perfect answer. Cars 4 Cures exists today in Toronto and the surrounding GTA, Southern Ontario to Niagara Region, Southwestern Ontario to London, Barrie and even Winnipeg Manitoba. What does this concept mean?

If you have a car or any type of vehicle to dispose of quickly, the process is simple:

  • Call Cars 4 Cures 1-844-584-2873 or fill out an eform. Within 5 minutes the vehicle in question can be arranged to be donated to your choice of any of our partner charities. All you have to provide is some information about the vehicle, such as year, make, model and information about the donor for tax receipt purposes.
  • The car will be arranged to be picked up, free of charge, at a mutually convenient time. Donor does not need to be present when the car is picked up (A Customer Service Reps can explain the process)
  • You will receive a thank you email after pickup with all the information for your records
  • The charity of your choice will issue the tax receipt

Remember the donated funds from the donation of your vehicle stays in Canada with important Canadian charities. As we like to say

What’s donated in Canada, Stays in Canada

Best of all, a difficult problem will have been solved and you will be responsible for helping those in need. It’s a feel good way of solving a problem.

Donate a Car, Change a Life. It really is that simple.

Article submitted by  Georgina Rosenberg Cars 4 Cures
(call centre) 1-844-584-2873

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