What happens to my CPP money before I retire?

(NC) Have you ever wondered what happens to your Canada Pension Plan contributions?

While most of us contribute a portion of our paycheques to CPP, we often don’t think about this important part of our savings until just before we retire.

The money you and your employer pay into CPP is managed by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, who helps to ensure that those funds are around to provide beneficiaries with a stable source of retirement income for generations to come.

As part of its long-term horizon investment strategy, CPPIB invests in a wide range of assets in Canada and globally in order to build the fund’s income safely over time.

If you’re a CPP contributor, here are a few things you might not realize you own:

First Canadian Place. Standing 278 meters tall, Canada’s tallest skyscraper, First Canadian Place has been the headquarters for the Bank of Montreal since 1977. The towers boast office and retail space, as well as restaurants and a host of other services.

Entertainment One Group. Headquartered in Canada, eOne is a leading international independent entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content, which includes the Oscar-winning Theory of Everything, beloved children’s cartoon Peppa Pig, and the Canadian comedy classic, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

407 Express Toll Route. The world’s first all-electronic, open-access toll highway, Highway 407 is an integral part of the Toronto Area’s transportation network. It currently spans nearly 130 kilometers and 385,000 cars drive on it every day.

Dorna Sports Management. This Spanish sports management, media, and marketing company organizes the MotoGP and the FIM World Superbikes Championship, the world’s two most popular motorcycle racing circuits.

Broadcast Australia. This company develops and maintains the infrastructure at 622 TV and radio sites throughout Australia. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Special Broadcasting Service are among its largest customers.

Find more information at www.cppib.com.


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