Things to Consider in Finding a Reliable Dentist

SMILE. In this world full of selfies and photographies, we are always compelled to stretch a huge smile, show off our teeth and say cheese as we stare at the camera’s lens and wait for its flash to come out. Yes, it seems easy enough. Looking beautiful and vibrant in front of a camera, revealing rows of white and gleaming teeth doesn’t sound like a big thing- for some!

Though social media has posted numerous pictures of people who exude confidence through their laughing expressions, it is undeniable that there are also some people who prefer to stay behind the shadow of the camera. For what probable reasons? A lot!

However, reasons, why some people are shy, can be narrowed down to the dental status that restricts them from opening their mouth and making a big and beautiful smile. Some may be embarrassed because they are still reliant to their braces, they are suffering from visible tooth decay, they do not have a bright set of teeth, or their teeth are just not attractive and pleasing enough.

Despite the reason, everyone is entitled to present themselves to the public with pride, and if these dental problems prevent them from doing so, then it’s time to find a reliable dentist who could help them revive their perfect smile, in and out the camera.

If you are one of those suffering the same embarrassment due to dental problems, make sure to find people who could best give you the dental services that you need most. To help you, consider the following things to ensure that you only get yourself nothing but a reliable dentist.

Look for Recommendations

Ask your family, friends, or even neighbors for recommendations. Make sure that these people have known and trusted their recommended dentists. Their recommendations, either positive or negative, reflect how dentists work and how they deliver dental services. Also, their feedback on the dentists helps you picture out the services that they mainly offer and gives you an idea of what you should be expecting.

Aside from the close people around you, look for recommendations from dental websites as well. Take time to read the comments posted by random clients because these serve as their testimonial for their encounter with the dentist. Search for excellent and outstanding reviews. Through these, you can guarantee that you are pointed to the best dentist in town!

Check for the Dentist’s Education and Expertise

After getting names from the list of recommendations, search deeper for details about them and narrow them down to the most accredited and most affiliated dentist. Start from the educational background of the dentist if he/she has completed the degree, or if he/she attended training and seminars related to dental services advancement.

Certifications accumulated by the dentist also matter. Look for accreditations of the dentist’s services and professional ethics. Also, check if the dentist is an active member of any dental organizations. Doing these additional searches can help you make sure that you are considering a reliable dentist who delivers quality and excellent dental services.

Visit the Clinic for a Meet and Greet

Get in your car and take a tour of the dentist’s clinic. There are a lot of benefits in visiting the clinic. First, you can take a look at the physical set-up of the establishment and see for yourself if its using quality dental equipment. Second, you can assess if the place is clean and orderly. Third, you can secure comfortability.

Aside from the mentioned benefits of visiting the clinic, you can also have the chance of meeting the clinic’s staff and the dentist personally. Check if the whole office staff and the dentist himself/herself are friendly and accommodating. Evaluate their work ethics and if they can handle your demands.

Ensure the Flexibility of the Dentist’s Schedule

A good dentist must have the initiative to entertain clients for dental services at any time most especially for dental emergencies. Check if the dentist is reliable enough to handle such emergencies even if it’s out of your appointment schedule. Make agreements with the dentist if unfortunate circumstances occur and the means to reach the dentist.

Your dentist must not only be your dental partner who maintains your dental needs, but he/she must also be like your friend whom you can run into when things get rough and need his/her services any time of the day.


We all want to look good and be ready to strike a pose and stretch a broad smile at all times. But doing so entails quite a maintenance. To make sure that we always wear the most valuable accessory- smile, we need to take our dental care more seriously, and it should start by finding a reliable dentist.

Article by: Adira Cruz

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