The Reliable Living Centre Is Making Dreams Come True

Many Canadians are in need of mobility options. I work in the community with a lot of seniors, but it is not strictly seniors that need assistance. With many individuals struggling within their own homes, it’s refreshing to see the selection and level of innovation. Such is the newly opened The ReliAble Living Centre (RLC.), which provides the ultimate source for accessibility. It is one of the first locations worldwide to compress, in just 3,000 square feet; all one would need to make their home or business completely accessible.

I have personally worked with many individuals that are in need of home renovations, so that they’re able to stay in the comfort of their home. In-home care is growing, but there is still a need for more options.

The RLC houses an experiential lifestyle gallery that demonstrates totally accessible spaces that are both stylish and functional for people of all abilities. It proves that attractive, accessible modifications need not be more costly than conventional renovations. The changes will make a “Forever Home” possible so anyone wishing to reside in their home for their entire lifetime will be able to do so.

This centre offers seniors and others in need the resources needed to deliver accessible solutions that are not offered anywhere else locally. Knowing that it can be challenging for people to find the products and services they need, I went and visited the RLC. It was clear that individuals can obtain and get all their necessities in one location and make informed decisions without stress.

As I work with many caregivers, I know that there are some struggles involved. For example, I was very impressed how they solved the issues with the shower for disabled. Bathing can be difficult when mobility is very limited. The RLC offers showers that have beautiful glass doors that are sectioned into six partitions. This makes it easier to lean in and help clients bath without having to get physically into the shower with them.

They have the A to Z in products and services, so there is no need to visit multiple locations. This is accomplished through the ReliAble Living Centre’s association with an impressive team of people that share the same vision. Their manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers collaborate with them to deliver the full range of good and services to those who wish to stay either in their home or make their business accessible and compliant with the Accessibility for Ontario’s with Disabilities (AODA) standards.

With so many options, clients can implement renovations affordably. Retirement homes are costly, and many Canadians want to stay within their home. When some clients can no longer access proper care due to restrictions in their home, they are left with a tough decision. It’s nice to see some individuals coming home from the hospital due to ramps, portable showers, and other unique home services. With all these aids, the clients can easily recuperate or rehabilitate at home. More and more seniors are accessing assisted living, and it’s important that this industry continues to develop. It is offering a growing line of possibilities and hope.

The ReliAble Living Centre is also a training centre for building and design professionals, trades, home health care individuals, and anyone wishing to gain an understanding of accessible home modifications, accessibility standards and design and construction techniques.

They provide consulting services for government agencies, building owners, property managers, business owners, hospitality industry and insurance institutions about accessibility standards and best practices.

The RLC definitely makes it easier for caregivers, OT’s and any others who are serving anyone with a challenge to find products and solutions for specific problems. The special part is they have it all there, and it is beautiful and does not look institutional.

They’re experts in what they do. Possibilities are growing, and that is so encouraging. I am very passionate about what I do for almost 20 years now. Therefore, I am so happy to be able to find a resource I was so impressed with. They are knowledgeable and passionate about caring for others. And it shows!

If you are in the Toronto area and think this would benefit you or a family member, speak to one of their professional staff members. You can also access some great information at their website:

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