The Demand For In-Home Care Will Grow

More and more children are realizing how challenging it is to care for their senior loved one’s. The preference has been and remains to be the same. Seniors want to stay home, living in the comfort of their own environment. Family time is more enjoyable at home, in comparison to a hospital setting.

Many children are caring for their parents, realizing how overwhelming it can be. They will want more for themselves and their own kids when they are older. In-home care is available, but the demands are sure to grow.

Benefits of In-Home Care

With all of the benefits that in-home care offers, it’s no wonder more and more families are taking notice. The following are some of the key benefits associated with in-home care:

  1. Comfort: There’s nothing more comfortable than your own home. For many seniors, their home is somewhere they raised they children and even their grandchildren. The memories make this space comforting and familiar. Although many hospitals offer great care, the environment can never beat home. As well, seniors can stay close to friends, family, and pets.
  1. Financial Costs: Many families are struggling with the costs associated with senior care. Retirement homes are extremely expensive and it’s too much for your average Canadian family. In-home care cuts costs, providing a more affordable solution. Also, in-home care does not require you to enter any monthly or yearly contracts.
  1. Health Improvements: It is not uncommon for individuals to recover significantly quicker when provided in-home care. It has been found that infections are reduced, and illness is prevented. This improvement in health is reason enough.
  1. Freedom: Being at home provides a sense of freedom. As well, in-home care is not bound to strict schedules. Meal times and visiting hours are more flexible. This helps to maintain a comfortable environment.
  1. Care: Personalized care is so beneficial. In-home care allows for one-on-one treatment. If anything changes, family can be notified instantly. Many seniors build a close bond with their caregiver, viewing them as a friend. This helps maintain a relaxed environment that is free from hospital mentality.

Growing Demand For In-Home Care

People are beginning to realize that in-home care is the best solution. Financially it is the best option, and it offers the highest quality of care. Studies have also shown that people recover better at home. This is no surprise. In times of need, we like to be surrounded by our friends and family in a comfortable, familiar environment.

According to Health Canada, there will be a substantial growth of the senior age group within the next thirty years. By 2041, nearly half of the Canadian population is expected to be 65+. Sustainable solutions need to be put in place, and many are recognizing the benefits of in-home care.

Within the past three years, Canada has seen a 55% increase regarding the number of Canadians who are utilizing in-home care. This year alone, it is estimated that 1.4 million Canadian people will use this care option.

Although attention is beginning to rise, more concrete changes need to occur. In-home care is a great health service option. This option will allow seniors to maintain their health within their own personal space and will decrease rising costs and extensive wait times currently experienced by seniors.

We Need to Think About Our Future Today

Children that are caring for their elderly parents are beginning to see the issues first hand. Changes need to be implemented now so that there’s a better future for the ageing population. We need to be proactive, making changes today. Once the 8.2 million baby boomers are in need of home-care services, we’ll be scrambling if things do not change.

This is not a situation that should be approached in a reactive fashion. We will be dealing with people’s lives, we can not wait. Canadians should not be worried about the future. We need to increase resources, funding, and ultimately awareness.

Your senior years should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not worry and distress. It’s time to make changes. The demand will continue to grow, so this issue can not be ignored any longer. You can get involved, see what’s offered within your local community. Make suggestions and offer ideas. This is everyone’s future, it’s time to get involved!

Article by: Thisltecreek Health Care Ltd.

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