Signs That Your Old Folks Need Personal Care Services

Aging is inevitable. It is where most of us would naturally go. However, it is sad to know that most of us fear of reaching it. We are frightened when it’s starting to approach our loved ones like it’s a disease or an illness.

Why? Is it because death is next to aging? Or because it means becoming weak, useless and burdensome to our family and our community? Whatever reason lies behind this fear, aging must not be taken like it’s the end of the road nor one’s liability.

If we have family members who are already getting old like our parents or other kins, we should not let their aging cause them further sorrow than it already is. But it must be our responsibility to make them feel accepted, loved, cared, dignified, and efficient even if they are already old and too weak to function the way they did in their youthful days.

It’s part of our obligation to find our old folks trustworthy and reliable home care provider like the Partners for Home to give them the convenience and comfort that they need. But what are the indications that our elderlies need personal care services? Be watchful and observe closely if the following signs are manifested in their behaviors and daily living activities

5 Signs That Your Aging Loved Ones Are in Need of a Personal Care Provider

Lack of Social Interest. If your old folks start avoiding people and would rather stay at home, which are unusual of them, then you must pay more attention to their needs and condition. There is a possibility that your elderlies are already suffering from health deterioration, but are too embarrassed to seek help and assistance. It is in this reason that they stop going out to community functions and social events.

A study has shown that when a person’s support system declines, his physical and mental well-being are at risk. Elderlies feel worse when they experience this kind of isolation. That is why, it is vital to always interact with them on a regular basis, but if you do not have the luxury of time, hire people who can accompany them all the time.

Physical Appearance Changes Drastically. Part of the aging process are the changes in the human body. Yes, it is quite reasonable. However, when the physical changes that are happening to your loved ones are too drastic to be considered normal, and can already worry you of their health condition, then it’s time for you to do an initial examination and further probing.

Intolerable weight loss is a common physical sign that your parents need help. It can be observed the moment you hug them and feel that they are becoming thinner and more delicate. Also, look for bruises all over their body because it can be an indication of falling and immobility. These instances can be the cause of being nauseous, difficulty in walking, and other necessary mobile activities.

Frequent Mental Problems. The most alarming indication that your elderlies need caregiving services is their mental condition. Your old folks are becoming forgetful even in fulfilling their routinary tasks like paying bills, attending doctor’s appointment, doing basic household chores such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and the like.

Forgetting may sound normal, but not until it causes trouble and becomes a threat to our loved ones’ well-being. If they can no longer perform basic tasks like the activities mentioned above, then hesitate no more, and call to discuss your folks’ condition and make arrangements because your elders surely need help!

Manifestations of Poor Hygiene. The same with the physical health of your elders, observe as well their sanitation. Look if they are still well-groomed, clean, and neat. If they are becoming messy, developing an unpleasant smell, wearing the same old shirt, having unwashed and dirty hair, and other signs that they cannot take good care of themselves anymore, then you must be worried of their condition already.

Aside from their physical hygiene, look at their home too and see if they can still manage to conserve it. Roam around and inspect if your seniors still have a clean kitchen, safe bathroom, comfortable bedroom, presentable living room, and well-maintained lawn. Also, check their grocery storage if they still have the necessary goods for sustenance. If these things are not met and not observed, then your loved ones are definitely in need of companionship!

Signs of Emotional Instability. You will know that your old folks are in need of caregiving services and an acquaintance to always look after them when they are showing emotional instability. Getting depressed, frustrated, and often feeling lonely are few indications that they are emotionally unstable.

Furthermore, watch out for some changes in your elders’ personality. They need help when they are becoming moody, rude, and unrecognizable.  These changes in nature are indications that they must be provided with a good companion whom they can talk and open-up into every day to divert their emotional vulnerability.


We don’t want to see our loved ones suffer. If only we can take away their worries and pain away in just a single snap of our finger, we’ll surely snap a million times to secure that they are happy and comfortable. If aging causes them sadness, we are lucky enough that today there are already a group of people who we can hire and trust to give our loved ones comfort that they deserve.

Article by: Adira Gray

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