Seniors and Holiday Decorating: How to Stay Safe While Decking the Halls

Fiber-optic Christmas tree

Tis’ the season to deck the halls—but for seniors there are several dangers that can be found amongst the lights, warming flames, and flickering candles. We have a list of tips as to what hazards to avoid this season while decorating, especially if you share your home with an elderly loved one.

1. Be mindful of fire hazards

Many winter decorating ideas involve very combustible materials such as tissue papers and flammable cottons. These materials should be avoided if possible, and if not—keep them away from bare wires, fireplaces, or lit candles so that they have very little possibility of becoming ignited.

2. Christmas trees can quickly become your worst enemy

A Christmas tree can be a great centerpiece to your holiday décor, and placing the lights, garlands, and ornaments on it is a great holiday activity for your loved ones. However, as mentioned above, a tree can be easily combustible- especially if placed near a fireplace, wiring or space heaters. Make sure your tree is placed away from items that might cause it to ignite, and make sure it is well-anchored as it can easily topple over and hurt somebody during the holidays.

3. Electrical safety

You’re lighting up your tree, your home, and your yards this season- especially if you’re one who goes all out! Don’t skimp on the quality of your lights, as some lower quality lights may easily short out and cause electrical fires. Also, make sure to turn lights off when you’re not in the home!

4. Have some emergency fire plans in place  

Having a smoke detector in the home can be one of the best measures to prevent being hurt in the event of a fire. After this, the second most important element is having a plan. Does your family have an agreed-upon meeting place far enough from the home to get away from the smoke and flames? Make sure you can agree on what measures you will take if the house were to catch fire. Also make sure to have on hand a fire extinguisher in case of accidental fire, and if you can afford it—a sprinkler system could save your life!

5.Use the right tools

To cap off your safety decorating efforts, it helps to have the peace of mind that a medical alert system can afford you. To give your senior loved one the gift of safety, install a medical alert in their home so that you and emergency services will know as soon as a fall or other accident occurs. If help can be reached immediately, there is less of a chance of a tragic accident putting a damper on your holiday!

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