Ontario Trillium Benefit

Providing sales and property tax relief through the Ontario Trillium Benefit

Our tax system supports Ontario’s programs and investments in education, transportation, health care, infrastructure and skills. It is also a way our government delivers vital financial support to thousands of households each year.

We understand that paying for everyday essentials like heating bills and property taxes can add up quickly – especially for those with modest incomes.

By filing your income tax return, you may become eligible for a number of our tax credits and benefits including the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) to help with these everyday costs.

The OTB combines the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit and the Northern Ontario Energy Credit to provide people with sales tax and property tax relief in addition to helping people living in the North with their higher energy costs. In 2015, the OTB provided more than $2.5 billion to over 4 million low- to moderate-income families and single people across Ontario.

If you’re eligible, for the OTB you could receive up to: $24.25 a month in sales tax relief; $1,148 a month in energy and property tax relief and $18.67 a month for those living in the North to help with higher energy costs.

Even if you’re on social assistance or don’t have any income to report, filing a tax return could help you and your family get money back. You need to file your tax return by April 30 each year to get your benefits on time. Try our tax credit calculator today, to see how much money you may be eligible for.

Our priority is to help Ontarians increase their overall understanding about the numerous tax credits and benefits they may be eligible for just by filing their income tax return each year.
Find out today if you are eligible!

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