Medical Alert Systems Go Wherever You Are

Different people have different lifestyles, including people who use medical alert systems. This doesn’t change with age. Some people enjoy being around the house, engaging in well-loved hobbies or maintaining the beauty of their homes. Others love to garden or to visit with neighbors. Still others engage in walks in the park, golf games, fishing, trips to the mall, and so on.  There are medical alert systems for all types of lifestyles.

Medical Alert Bracelets Protect You at Home

Everyone knows about the bracelet or pendant with a simple button that can contact a medically-trained operator at need. This standard device is connected to the phone lines in your home, allowing you make a call directly to the operator and get the help you need with a touch of that button.

This standard model is perfect for those who stay around the home most of the day. Even when alone, you can be secure in the knowledge that assistance is always nearby. Some of these systems even have extended range, so you can garden or visit neighbors and still feel safe at all times. These can even allow you to answer your phone within the system’s range, so you can talk to people who call you even while going out to get the mail or gardening, or even if you just don’t want to stop whatever activity you’re currently engaged in to go answer the phone.

Medical Alert Systems for Every Lifestyle

But what about those who enjoy outdoor activities, or who like to spend their days out and about? There’s a system for that, too. Thanks to the growth of GPS technology, help can be just a button press away from the hiking trail, the golf course, the fishing pond, the mall, the antique store, or anywhere else you like spend your days.

Wireless technology allows the medical alert system to extend across 98% of the inhabited areas of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, making sure you’re covered, even if you want to travel across the country and do a little (or a lot) of traveling.

An operator with EMT training is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you have a medical alert bracelet or pendant literally at your fingertips. These light, waterproof devices can be taken anywhere, meaning no matter where you go, assistance and medical attention can be with you, like your own personal 911 line.

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