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Stairlifts: Your Questions Answered

Adding a stair lift to your home does not mean the end of your mobility; if anything it signals the start of a new chapter in your life. For those restricted by age related mobility issues, getting around the home can seem like a challenge however there are ways to help ensure your home does not end up becoming a prison. Modern stairlifts are streamlined, efficient and easily installed in the home. If you are considering making your home a more accessible place, take a look at our answers to the top stairlift FAQ’s

Are stairlifts expensive?

There is no real fixed price for a stairlift as they are tailor made to suit your home. Straight stairlifts are generally cheaper than curved and some models are more expensive than others. Reputable stairlift companies will offer a free survey to assess your home and provide a quote. Second-hand stairlifts and reconditioned models are a great choice for those looking to save money.

Can other people still use the stairs once the stair lift is installed?

Thanks to the sleek design of modern stairlifts, your stairs will still be accessible when the stairlift is installed. Seats and foot rests can be folded to create room for others using the stairs.

How are stairlifts operated?

Stairlifts are controlled using either paddle switches on the arms or a remote control. They are designed to react to minimal pressure, making them the ideal choice for those with medical problems such as arthritis. Thanks to the remote control the stairlift can be ‘called’ from the top of the stairs or the bottom when it is needed, they can also be used as a transport device for laundry and other household cargo.

Are they expensive to run?

Modern stairlifts are designed to be extremely energy efficient with the daily cost of running one said to be the same as boiling a kettle!

What happens if something gets in the way of the stairlift?

Stairlifts are designed to incorporate a safety sensor which will detect any obstruction in its path. Whether you have pets or children running around, the sensor will automatically stop the stairlift if there is anything in the way. The same goes for any obstructions such as washing, books or other items lying around.



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