How You CAN Afford an Assisted Device

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An Assisted Device is any device that is designed, made, or adapted to assist a person perform a particular task such as Rollators, Walkers and even Wheelchairs.  A rollator has four wheels, brakes and a bench seat while most walkers have no wheels or two wheels in the front. These can be expensive and pensioners or family caregivers may often feel that there is no way that they can afford $400 dollars for a rollator even though they might desperately need one to get around. What if there was a way to get a 75% discount on such equipment? The good news for those living in Ontario, is that there IS a way for those who need mobility equipment for six months or more, and have a valid OHIP Health Card. Its called the ADP program, meaning the Assistive Devices Program and is fairly easy to apply for. All you need is to have your rollator fitted by a registered OT or Physiotherapist who is authorized to apply for this grant for you. It involves paperwork that only they can do. Please note that while your doctor can recommend that you need a device, only an authorized OT or Physio an actually apply for you. If this sounds like it is getting complicated, don’t worry because it is a really simple procedure. Often medical equipment stores will have an authorized OT who comes in to assess and measure you up for the device. So really all you have to do is make an appointment with one of them. Shopper’s Home Health is one such company that provides this service. There is a fee to pay as the OT or Physio will charge you for the appointment. In some cases they might even come to your home if your mobility issues make it difficult for you to get out at all. Often you can be measured up and have your device within a day or two so the process is not a long one and there is a significant saving to be made, up to 75 percent in some cases. The sad thing is that many people struggle along assuming that the cost of these essential devices are not within their means. How many people struggle with mobility issues and simple do not have any idea that this program is available. This program in not restricted to your income, anyone who has an OHIP card can apply. If you know of someone who struggles with mobility issues and is on a tight budget, please let them know of this government funded program. It could make so many people’s lives so much easier.

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