Good Day All,

lych gateWelcome to ‘Boomertoboomeronline’!

If you are a baby boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, this site is meant for you.

If you have started to wonder about the consequences of aging, and how you will maintain an independent lifestyle despite growing older through the next decades, then you are really in the right place.

The problem with aging is you can’t deny it or defy it forever.

The emphasis has always been on saving for retirement. Has anyone considered how it will be to cope with the health issues that will arise during those years?

How does the one who has always marched to their own drummer, blown their own horn and controlled their own destiny, manage becoming older and less able to care for themselves.

Are we ready for this?  Is it possible to age ‘gracefully’?  What resources do we have?  Do we have choices?  Is the nursing home a ‘fait accompli’?  How will we get along?

If you have had the experience of caring for an aging parent you are even more likely to have these questions nagging at you.

‘Boomertoboomeronline’ is your toolbox for confronting ‘old age’.

People are the best source of solace and solutions.  Sharing your concerns is one way we can find answers, problem-solve and, another. Sometimes all we need is to know we are not alone in our struggles.

Our Find Answers pages are the door to a sharing community of boomers with similar issues and concerns.  And they are also a place for knowledgeable professionals to share their expertise.

There is no fee for taking part in our ‘Boomertoboomeronline’.

All you need to get started is a web name and a desire to spend a little time on yourself, looking towards the future!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, sharing ours, and welcoming you back time and time again!

2 thoughts on “Good Day All,

  1. As a boomer myself I am thinking about the future and although I cannot stop the aging process, I am looking for ways to ensure that I can age in place and remain in my own home.

    One of the biggest obstacle to remaining at home as one ages is bathing. When someone has to come into your home to bathe you lose your dignity and independence. Installing a Walk in Bathtub is a great idea.

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