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  1. Hello BoomertoBoomer
    My name is Stephen Gold and I am a family protection specialist with Sun Life Financial.
    I help families with children with mental and physical disabilities plan for their future.
    I currently support the families of the S.S.O. (Schizophrenia Society of Ontario), Trillium Health Centre, and East York General Hospital with Henson Trust funding options.  
    The trust protects ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), protects the family member from being taking advantage of, and provides an income stream once the parents have passed on.  
    Growing up with a brother with schizophrenia allows me to connect with my audience.  I enjoy sharing my brother’s story and mine as well.    
    I have a team that includes a lawyer specializing in Henson Trusts and Wills for families with disabled children, and an accountant to assist with taxation issues.  
    My session provides families with the info they need to set up trusts for their loved one, save for their future, and how to bring it all together.
    The feedback from my audiences has been fantastic.  It makes me happy that I can help them and explain the options available.  
    My mantra is to provide families with ethical and professional advice.  
    I would welcome any opportunity to speak to the families of boomertoboomer.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen Gold  I  Sun Life Financial Advisor
    60 Gillingham Drive Suite 500 Brampton ON L6X 0Z9  
    C. 647.287.1443


    “The Gold Standard in Protection Planning”

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  3. Good afternoon,

    I’m Kristin Palardy, with Rescue Alert of California. I’ve seen all the great content you offer your readers, and know that you have the well-being and care of seniors and caregivers at the forefront of what you do. At Rescue Alert of California, we believe that our biggest offering to our viewers is information – information about how to improve the lives of senior citizens that can benefit both seniors and their caregivers.
    We would love to have a guest blog post from you on our website. I believe that our visitors would greatly benefit from and enjoy the content that you would provide. They will also be able to follow the post to your own website, and check out all the other posts that you have. We also have a great amount of information on our blog, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share a post on your site.
    If you would be interested, please let me know, and we can set that up very easily. If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.
    Our Website:

    • Good morning,
      Thank you for contacting us. We had a few request for a guest blog till now, so it is time to create a page for ‘guest bloggers’ and link all such post to this main page. We will have this done within the next few days. In mean time if you can kindly forward the post you’re interested to post on our site, we’ll be more than happy to look at them.
      Please send your articles to boomertoboomeronline@gmail.com

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