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While we try to continually update our readers with the latest and most current information on aging and coping with aging issues, there are always people out there with added valuable information to share.

These are our guest bloggers and everyone is welcome to have their say. If you are an expert, or have something of valuable to contribute, please feel free to submit your article and we will link it to your blog so that our readers can benefit from the wide and varied input of individual bloggers.

Our guest blog contributions cover a wide range of topics concerning the elderly and caregiving tips and tactics.  This useful resource allows us to give everyone a voice and for the reader to unbiased opinions from multiple sources.

We trust you will enjoy the articles submitted by our individual bloggers. We ask only that you realise that the opinions expressed by private bloggers are not necessarily those of BoomertoBoomeronline.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogs

  1. Modern Health Talk is about TECHNOLOGY Solutions for safe and healthy living at home. We serve empty-nested baby boomers whose time is split between their adult children (and grandchildren) and their elderly parents, often as an unpaid caretaker, motivated by love, duty, and a need to preserve family assets. We’re passionate about Universal Design principles, Universal Broadband Adoption, and connecting people with assistive technologies and home health solutions that enable independent living. (

  2. Trying to deny the advanced state of my hubby’s dementia,I wanted so desperately to care for him alone, at home. One morning, I put his clothes out for him and he dressed. I then left our bedroom to begin his breakfast. After a few minutes, I hadn’t seen him. He was still in our bedroom, walking around the three sides of our bed but said,”how do I get out of here”? Choking back the lump in my throat, I took his hand and led him to his chair. Later that same morning, he said he was going g to the bathroom. That had never been a problem. Once again, I missed him. I found him in the bathroom, he had pooped,he realized it should “go somewhere”. Flushing didn’t seem to be an option. He had it smeared EVERYWHERE! I truly didn’t know where to begin. How do I clean him? How do I get him into the tub that was also full. Luckily, I thought to video this to take along to his doctor. The much preached “nursing home” help became clear to me then. With a very heavy heart, we made the move. He just passed Sept 27th 2 days before his birthday.

  3. We blog often about different topics that would be beneficial to seniors and their caretakers/executors. Our latest blog talks about why we created SafelyMD, a free tool that can be used to track prescription medications, allergies, medical history, and store copies of living will, powers or attorney, and the like. And make that information available quickly in the event of an emergency and even routine doctor visits. See that blog here: We’d love to talk to you more about it if interested.

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