Generation X Versus the Baby Boomer

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The Boomers, most of us know, are the children born after the Second World War and before 1965. World-wide optimism at this time resulted in a huge jump in the birth rate and this had far reaching effects which we are feeling now as these babies are now our aging population and we are scrambling to figure out how governments will afford pension payouts, not mention  how our fragile medical systems will provide the care they will need. Those folk who are 50 years and older are known as Boomers. Who is going to have the honor of taking care of them?  Enter Generation X.

Generation X is also known as the Sandwich Generation because they not only have older teenagers and young adults living at home to care for but also their aging parents. Generation X is an interesting population group and they include those babies born in the mid sixties until the early eighties.  These people are the younger siblings and children of the Boomers.  This generation witnessed a sharp decline in the birth rate and is also referred to as the Baby Bust Generation.

They are an interesting bunch when compared to other generations.  Born without specific identities, they were to face uncertain, undefined and often hostile futures.  We see this now as we wonder about the value of our pensions, can we afford to retire and is the retirement age going to be increased from 60 to 65 years of age as is suggested in some countries.  Many of us fear that we will never be able to retire at all.  This is in part because we cannot afford to and in part because of the sharp decline in birth rates from the boomer period, resulting in a much smaller experienced workforce.

We are a tough bunch.  We have witnessed the Watergate scandal, survived the oil crisis of 1979 and the recession of the early eighties.  We saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and experienced the tragedy of nuclear disaster in the Chernobyl Episode.  We have embraced the introduction of the home computer, cable TV and the internet. We have changed our careers more than once and yet we still have managed to raise our families in uncertain financial times. On average, Generation X has had the best standard of living and the highest income of any other generation before and after.

So, despite the uncertain times ahead caring for our seniors, we are tough and well conditioned to think outside of the proverbial box when finding new and innovative ways to meet the demands of society.  We will find the courage and strength to care for our seniors, raise our children and figure out our own retirement plans.  Generation X is innovative, resourceful and creative.  We will meet our future challenges with courage and humor.  After all, every day above ground is a good day!

Article Source: Thistlecreek Health Care Ltd.

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2 thoughts on “Generation X Versus the Baby Boomer

  1. I can look forward to working till I’m 70, through no choice, and can’t afford (no free UNI for UK veterans) university, unless I want debts till I die!
    Meanwhile, my mother ( a typical boomer) retired at 55, had a FREE education, and now has FREE bus travel(subsidised through raised fares for the rest of us), and gets, un means testedN money for fuel every winter! AND they voted for a Government (Thatcher first now Cameron) which has done this to us of Generation Xand our childrenB
    Mad? We’re furious!

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