4 stress management tips for seniors

(NC) Retirement should be your golden years — a time to relax, play golf and connect with loved ones. However, not everyone makes the transition smoothly, especially if living with a health condition like diabetes.

“For all seniors, it’s important to know how to reduce stress and manage health conditions. But for those living with diabetes, it can be even more complicated,” says Toronto endocrinologist Harpreet S. Bajaj, MD, MPH. “It’s important to know what lifestyle changes can help you feel your best or what technology is available to make your life even simpler.”

Here are few tips to help you reduce stress and enjoy your golden years.

1. Get outside: Fresh air is a simple remedy that provides restorative health benefits. Explore the outdoors, read on a bench, or grab a coffee with a good friend. It’s important to value physical and mental health, and discovering the great outdoors benefits both.

2. Find a furry friend: Pets can help provide soothing comfort and improve overall well-being. Known to reduce stress, animals can be loving companions with positive lifestyle effects. Cuddle with your cat or walk a dog and experience their fun-loving nature.

3. Stay on top of your health: A disease like diabetes can be difficult to manage, but new technology and mobile apps are making it easier. The Contour Next One meter and its app make it easy for people with diabetes to use their smartphones to manage the condition. The system features an easy-to-use wireless smart meter that connects to the app to store and analyze patient blood sugar levels. Patients have a greater sense of independence and less anxiety over maintaining optimal blood glucose levels. The new meter also uses coloured lights to quickly indicate if a reading is too high, too low, or within the target range, making results simple to understand.

4. Breathing exercises: Taking a moment to focus on breathing is important. Breathing exercises are a convenient and effective stress reliever that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Inhaling deeply and taking controlled breaths will help diminish anxiety and leave you in a state of calm and self-awareness.

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This infographic was created by McLean DDS.

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