3 Important Duties To Perform When Caring for Your Parents


1. Keeping track of their medications can be done by maintaining a list which includes each medication including the date it was prescribed, by which physician, how often they are to take it. This list should be taken to each doctor’s appointment in order for every physician to be aware of all the medications they are taking. On occasion patients have been prescribed similar medications when the doctor was not aware of all of the medications being taken. It is very important that you always being all medications or a complete list of the medications to each appointment.

2. Caring for parents will also include managing physician appointments. This can be done by keeping a large desk calendar available for them to keep track of the appointments. When an appointment is made it can be documented on the calendar. This is especially important if memory problems are an issue. They can always refer to the calendar if they have any question. The calendar can also be utilized for other important dates such as birthday’s and anniversary dates. Of course, you will also need to keep your own calendar for their appointments if you will be required to accompany them to the appointment or to just give a reminder call to make sure they will make the appointment. Some parents may elect to go to appointments alone. This is mainly to ensure their privacy and is another way they maintain control and independence. It is highly recommended that you go with them if at all possible especially if they have memory problems and may not recall important information.

3. Keeping track and paying their bills is another task required when caring for parents. Utilizing the desk calendar will be helpful. As bills arrive in the mail, the date they are due can be written on the calendar. It is also helpful if a designated place is used to place the mail. This will help avoid any mail being misplaced causing a bill not to be paid. This will be helpful to both your parents and yourself. As the bills are paid, you can indicate that on the calendar and even write down a confirmation number. This way they will continue to feel involved in the financial matters by being able to check the calendar and confirm that it has been taken care of.

As you can see there is much involved when caring for parents. Perhaps the best suggestion I can make to you is to maintain good records. Whether it is keeping up with medications, scheduling physician appointment or simply paying the bills, everything is important and good organization will help make everything run smoothly.

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