“Boomeritis” takes toll on active Boomers

Boomeritisö takes toll

Tips to help seniors avoid the pain of exercise (NC) Canadians are staying active longer than ever before with the goal of improving cardiovascular and psychological health. The bad news is this renewed vigor for exercise has come with a debilitating side effect: Boomeritis. A name health experts use to describe the parade of sore […]


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Alzheimer’s Isn’t Only An Elderly Disease


For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the movie Alice, starring Julianne Moore, I highly recommend watching it. Once a professor at Columbia, Julianne’s character dedicated her life to linguistics, communication, and neurology. At first, she began forgetting simple words and experienced short memory lapses. It wasn’t until she got lost running through campus that she […]

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Care For Elderly Loved Ones As Heat Waves Continue


This week has been extremely hot once again, are you doing everything you can to protect your elderly loved ones from the heat? Although we’re all feeling the high temperatures, seniors are especially susceptible to heat waves. Unfortunately, roughly 40 percent of heat-related deaths in the U.S., between the years 1999-2009 were adults over the […]

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Will There Be Robotic Caregivers in the Future?


Just imagine, a world where robots helped care for the elderly, taking on tasks that allow caregivers to have more time to focus on their own health and well-being. Although this may sound like science-fiction, we’re not that far off from making this concept a reality. As the baby boomer population ages, caregiving demands will […]

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