Check the registration profiles of health professionals treating you

registration profiles of health professiona

(NC) To provide the best medical attention, health care professionals gather key information about their patients and clients. You can do this too, about them. Information is readily available so that the public can make more informed choices about the care they seek. Such details are available through Ontario’s health regulatory colleges. “It’s in the […]


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Beyond Still Alice: 5 Books on You May Have Missed


by Marianne Sciucco, author of Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story What do you know about Alzheimer’s? Anything? What should you know about Alzheimer’s? Something. This is not just our parents’ disease. It’s a problem that has far-reaching complications, not only wreaking havoc in the life of the one afflicted, but in the lives of […]

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Baby Boomers Are Approaching Retirement in Worse Health Than Their Parents’ Generation


When you compare the baby boomer generation with their parents, it’s undeniable that baby boomers have had access to plenty of health resources and tools. Baby boomers today know the dangers of trans fats, excessive sugar, and the illnesses that stem from smoking. Based on this knowledge, you would think that baby boomers are healthier […]

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