The Connection Between PTSD and Dementia in Veterans


Each and every Remembrance Day, we pay our respects to those who have and continue to fight for our freedom. There’s no doubt they sacrifice plenty, but the effects of their heroic efforts may last much longer than they initially anticipated. It’s no secret that veterans often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) based on […]


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Alzheimer’s Isn’t the Only Form of Dementia


(BtoBO) There’s a lot of confusion surrounding dementia and Alzheimer’s. Although many believe they’re the same thing, there’s a clear distinction. Dementia is not a disease or condition itself, it’s a group of symptoms which develop based on a number of causes. These symptoms include memory loss, impaired reasoning, and changes within one’s personality. If […]

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The Benefits of Stocking an All-Natural Home-Remedy Cabinet


The majority of Canadians have a little stockpile of common medications and pain relievers within their home. From the common cold medication to Tylenol, these are the norm in terms of preparing for common ailments. Although these items can most certainly come in handy, you shouldn’t rely on them once symptoms begin to surface. In […]

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