How Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment May Help Save Your Life

heart failure epidemic

Photo credit: Global News Based on a new study, it’s been found that introducing an intensive treatment plan for high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, without increasing the risk of falls and other complications. These findings were reported among older adults, as they suffer from a high prevalence of hypertension and related […]

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Is Your Immune System Currently Increasing Your Risk of Dementia?


When it comes to dementia and Alzheimer’s, there’s still plenty that we’re unaware of — including the core cause of dementia, as well as other neurodegenerative conditions. Dementia is complex, involving both environmental and genetic components — leading to a new theory. It may be time that we rethink the causes associated with dementia. Researchers […]

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New Study — Dogs Have Been Shown to Boost Senior Health Once Again


There’s something special about the connection we share with our pets. We know how they make us feel, but research is starting to unlock the potential health benefits of this important relationship. Within a new study, researchers have found that owning a dog, can essentially improve the health of seniors. As we age, we are […]

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