New Study — Dogs Have Been Shown to Boost Senior Health Once Again


There’s something special about the connection we share with our pets. We know how they make us feel, but research is starting to unlock the potential health benefits of this important relationship. Within a new study, researchers have found that owning a dog, can essentially improve the health of seniors. As we age, we are […]

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The Potential Link between Hay Fever Drugs and Dementia

Anticholinergic Medications

Allergy season results in plenty of Canadian’s reaching for hay fever medication to reduce problematic symptoms. It’s well-known that pharmaceuticals increase your risk of certain possible adverse effects, but what if the drugs you rely on, were influencing the degeneration of your brain? Study Finds — Anticholinergic Medications Shrink the Brain Researchers have found a […]

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Social Isolation and Loneliness Need to Be Addressed Among the Elderly

Social Isolation

There has been concern regarding isolation, loneliness, and the elderly for quite some time. In fact, within Canada, the National Council of Seniors made social isolation among seniors their priority for 2013-2014. The terms ‘social isolation’ and ‘loneliness’ are often used interchangeably, however, they are not the same health issue. Researchers have stated that these […]

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Do You Take Cold-FX? You May Have Been Misled Under False Pretenses


Medicine has come a long way over the past few decades, offering advances that have saved millions of lives and continue to support longevity and vitality. In many cases, drugs are used to target short-term symptoms, ensuring a faster recovery — accounting for a multi-billion dollar industry. When you purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medication, you trust […]

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