Ensuring That Retirees Do Not Get Cheated out of Social Security Payments


“Every year, people leave tens of billions of dollars on the table in terms of money that they’re entitled to, they could get if they made more informed claiming decisions about Social Security.” Phil Moeller, co-author Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security. “Americans leave $10 billion in unclaimed spousal benefits […]

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Life Expectancy Is Rising — But Chronic Disease Still Threatens Health


When hearing that life expectancy is rising, you probably feel a sense of relief. After all, we focus on our health to live longer, right? While examining results from The Global Burden of Disease Study, it’s clear that globally, we have gained more than a decade of life since 1980 — with men now living […]

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Common Painkillers May Increase Your Risk of Heart Failure


Common painkillers, such as ibuprofen, tend to be ‘normal’ in terms of regular use. If we have a headache, we often do not think twice about taking a commonly prescribed or over-the-counter painkiller, thinking that they’re fairly harmless. It’s clear that adverse effects are possible, however, what if these common painkillers were threatening your heart? […]

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